Collaboration is key to self-improvement

SSAT has spent 30 years building up the biggest and most active network of schools in England.  Now, this important community needs to be driving the self-improving system we all talk about - it’s time to mobilise the network!  And so, we are introducing new ways of connecting member schools and generating deeper, sharper, more accessible insights to stimulate collaboration. 

One of those new ways is to provide collaboration space here on the Knowledge Hub platform and offer teachers, headteachers and governors opportunities to work and learn together, thereby shaping solutions for the many challenges faced by schools in today’s shifting educational landscape.

Our KHub Network is only accessible to teachers in SSAT’s member schools and non-member teachers participating in specific professional development programmes.  Inside the network, groups are either ‘open access’, allowing members to engage freely in collaborative activity or ‘restricted’, because they support paid-for activities and specific collaboration.

Any questions that you have about our Network can be emailed to