Cutting through the hype - how to use advanced analytics


Cutting through the hype - how to use advanced analytics


Starting 29 July 2020 19:00 through to 29 July 2020 20:00

Complex projects have a huge pool of untapped data. How exactly do you collect and harness the information that is held in this data? This webinar explores how Intelligent Forecasting can improve forecasting in major projects.

Are you frustrated by the hype of project analytics, are you looking for practical, achievable ways to get started with your data analytics? Join our webinar to find out how you can apply advanced analytics to your projects today.

The Oakland Group are specialists in data analytics, process and governance. The Oakland Intelligent Forecasting platform has been developed specifically for major projects and organisations who may have started the journey to improving their reporting capabilities, but may be struggling with siloed reporting, an over reliance on experts verus data driven experts and difficulty in maintaining the corporate memory.

In this session, we will talk about the challenges we faced developing the platform; from extracting data from large enterprise systems, the move to the Cloud, to how we up-skilled our team to be able to deliver cutting edge analytics, dealing with complicated architectures, internal politics and inconsistent processes.

We’ll also give you the practical steps to get started on the journey to master simple straight forward forecasting, and gain better insights from your current data which can answer questions such as:

  • What is the value of risks compared to the approved cost envelope?
  • Have activities been closed correctly in our data?
  • How close to deadlines do people wait to change forecasts?
  • Do expected historic risks map to actuals at portfolio level?
  • How often do PM’s roll the previous period’s spend forecast into actuals?
  • Are frequency of updates a sign of control or panic?
  • Which projects have mandatory milestones?

We’ll also be able to share with you some of the outcomes we have been able to achieve including:

  • Significantly improved project forecasting
  • Enhanced board and management level reporting
  • Improved process compliance
  • Targeted assurance activity
  • Builds better data quality

There are huge benefits to be gained from helping your organisation become more data-centric, and we’ll give you the information you need to start to extract the full value from your data.

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