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It's been several months since I was announced as winner of LG Challenge 2014. It's incredible how time has passed; I'm excited and daunted in equal measure about how much more I have to do to develop my project: Community Connect. It seems like yesterday that I was on the stage and receiving my trophy from Hilary Benn MP:

The Bruce Lockhart Scholarship, awarded to the winner of LG Challenge, enables me to learn from others across the UK, Europe and the US. So far, I've had a fascinating visit to North Somerset to see how Community Resilience North Somerset have set about engaging communities with emergency planning. Their approach is incredibly comprehensive and thorough and is based around the principles of integrated emergency management (see, I'm already learning phrases and concepts unfamiliar to me!). There is a great deal I can borrow from their approach to develop Community Connect. My thanks go to Ian Wilson, North Somerset's Emergency Manager for his time and patience in introducing me to their scheme.

In my next blogs, I'll update you on my investigations into Asset Based Community Development, a concept I hope to integrate into the Community Connect approach. And also tell you about the links I'm developing with Surrey Fire and Rescue, key partners in any community resilience scheme.

If you're interested in sharing your experiences in building community resilience networks, join in the conversation or contact me directly.


P.S. Good luck to all those who have applied for LG Challenge're in for the ride of your career!;jsessionid=C4CE87E29EECEABA7EF23026693D5DC5

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Sarah Porter 5 Years Ago
Hi Graeme The project I'm working on (which is lottery funded) has been working on community resilience on the Isle of Sheppey off the North Kent coast. If you'd like to talk to my colleague - who led on this work - let me know and I'll send you her email address. You can find out a bit more information on Sustainable Sheppey here and a bit more about the broader work of the communities living sustainably programme here which might also help out - I'd recommend the Climate Change Learning Report for a good overview of the projects and the approaches to resilience and adaptation. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions. Sarah
Graeme Kane 5 Years ago in reply to Sarah Porter .
Thanks for the pointers Sarah, and good to catch up by email. I'll follow your leads. In the meantime, good luck with this year's LG Challenge:;jsessionid=C4CE87E29EECEABA7EF23026693D5DC5 G