Sentiment analysis and chipping dogs a combination you would not expect to work.

a happy dog

Last week I just happened to listen into a webinar that was part of AMEC Measurement Week hosted by Elayne Phillips of DEFRA. 

To be honest the title of the webinar Cutting Edge Social Analytics was what attracted me to it.  So I was all ears to find out more.

The webinar started with Alistair Wheate from Gorkana Group talking about how to use Sentiment Analysis Tools.  I had a little play with a few of them last year during #Ourday.  But I never really got a full grasp of how to use them.

So listening to Alistair explaining how to use them was really eye opening and he gave a range of tips


  • Focus on positive vs negative sentiment
  • Watch out for spikes and where they could come from.

Also, when you start to dissect it into more areas try and look for organic themes and trends as they can really help you focus.

So some really interesting stuff from Alisdair.  But there was also a bonus presentation.

Which you have to watch if you’re conducting a social media campaign.

#ChipMyDog gives you a great overview of the campaign and includes a range of metrics that were used to measure the success..

If you would like to watch the webinar here’s the link

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