Have you picked the right tools for your group?

The Right Tool

Has your group been struggling to take off and activity within the group is occasional or non-existent?

Did you pick the tools first before finding out what you group was trying to achieve and what your members are comfortable with? 

If you did you still have a chance to get activity back into your group by selecting the real engagement tools for your group.

This was our latest online chat in the Online Facilitators Community.  The focus of our chat was on three tools, Forum, Blogs and Ideas and looking for examples on ways to use them to encourage engagement within the community / group.

This is a quick summary of some of the interesting and exciting ways people are using those tools.

Forum Blogs Ideas
  • Online Chat
  • Hotseats (View our webinar on how to run a hotseat)
  • Welcome and introduction thread
    • What can you see out of your window
    • Newbie forums
    • Greatest achievement
  • Regular timed discussions
  • Event blogging
  • Guest bloggers (Aha moment)                  
  • Consultation
  • Event topic ideas and votes.
  • Idea jams
  • Community action planning                           


We also talked about examples to avoid. 


  • Lots of categories but with no threads
  • Poorly moderated discussions
  • Lots of information threads with no responses


  • Self promotion
  • Sales blogs

If you are a facilitator of a group on the Knowledge Hub and would like to find out more about facilitating your group or just have a chance to speak to others please come and join us. https://khub.net/web/facilitatorscommunity

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