Too nice to succeed

The claim that nice mangers can't deliver in a period of prolonged austerity is an insidious one in local government. There are no shortage of examples to contradict this but the debate is pointless because managers can't help but be the way they are. If yours is not a relentlessly aggressive style them trying to make it so will be at the cost of the finesse which is so admired by others. Being yourself can however be exhausting.  Even a natural optimist will find it tiring maintains a sunny disposition in the current financial climate. Where as others can allow themselves to turn inward the same is not possible for a manager. As much as the role is about transmitting ideas, strategy, tactics, vision and values it is also about giving off positive energy. Maintaining this takes a lot out of you. They may express it in different words but I believe all managers recognise the need to have a positive aura because their team looks to them and is influenced by them. 

Blair McPherson former Local Government  director, author and blogger 

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