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Local Cancer Statistics

Use Local Cancer Statistics to find and compare statistical information and intelligence about cancer in areas across the UK. This tool includes data on cancer incidence, survival and mortality, early diagnosis, screening and smoking. The data comes from a number of publicly available sources in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and links are provided links to the original sources for further information.

Despite recent changes to the NHS in England most cancer data is still published at Primary Care Trust (PCT) or Local Authority level. Where possible, the data has been mapped the data to other popular geographic levels including Clinical Commissioning group, Constituency and post code, to support localised insight and decision making.

Cancer Research UK also provides a range of information and UK wide statistics in its Cancer Statistics for the UK.  This resource includes statistics and information on cancer incidence, mortality, survival and risk factors (causes). This data is presented combined and by type of cancer, and both in summary as Key Stats and in-depth. Most data is by country in the UK and for the UK or GB but there is also data for the world, and some local cancer statistics for areas across the UK. For some cancers there are also data on diagnosis and treatment and for cancer screening. There are also summary Key Stats and downloadable publications.

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