Article excerpt - Traditional vs Agile Models in Management & HR

Where Agile fits in Management and HR:

  • Traditional annual performance appraisals use an older "waterfall" method - continuous feedback and recognition is an "agile" approach.
  • Traditional formal training and certification is a "waterfall" model - rapid e-learning and informal learning is an "agile" approach
  • Top down cascading goals are a "waterfall" approach - rapidly updated "objectives and key results" is an "agile" model.
  • Traditional annual rewards and bonuses are a "waterfall" model - continuous recognition and social recognition systems are an "agile" model.
  • The annual employee engagement survey is a "waterfall" model - continuous online idea factories and open blogs are an "agile" model for employee engagement.
  • The annual development planning process is a "waterfall" model - an ongoing coaching relationship is an "agile" model for leadership.
  • The traditional recruiting process is a "waterfall" model - this is being replaced by a continuous process of social recruiting and referral-based recruiting which can be rolled out in a few hours.


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