Getting the best of both worlds - harness your skills doing what you love

When it comes to ‘having a go’ with certain online tools and channels at work it can be a non-starter - sign-off/approval, perceived risk and time resources, to name but a few, are given as valid reasons to resist the unknown.
I am passionate about getting to grips with what’s out there and making a decision about their usefulness after trying them out - not before.

Playing with these tools in a personal capacity is of course the first step and you can quickly get up to speed; however this isn't quite the evidence you need to demonstrate how they could be useful in an organisational capacity.

I volunteer as the publicity manager for my local amateur theatre group and it’s in this environment that I have a lot more opportunity to see what gets traction and what doesn't.  Of course the audiences are very different to those I engage with for my day job, but it gives an indication of the types of content that will really take-off and spark engagement. This helps to narrow down where effort should be focused.  Here I have the freedom to try something that if it doesn't quite work, it can be simply deleted off the list for future comms and engagement without too much handwringing.

I would recommend this approach to everyone who would like to integrate some new channels and approaches into their comms planning at work but who is experiencing resistance. By furthering your own skills and developing a bank of your own knowledge and experience, your evidence becomes much more persuasive in the workplace. 

There are limitless volunteering opportunities through which you can put your own skills to great use – an arrangement that is hugely beneficial to not only the charity or organisation but also your own personal development. 

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