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Decided to combine stuff about INSPIRE and SDI into a single posting this week as time is being spent equally on both.

On the addressing side of things this has been dominated by efforts to get the Public Sector Licence for PAF up and running for the 1st April 2014 (I’ve learned when talking about this always to include the year!). The parties involved Royal Mail, Business Innovation and Skills and Scottish Government/Improvement Service have all been putting a lot of effort into understanding what needs to be done, looking at agreement terms and conditions and most importantly, trying to finalise the cost.

Progress and commitment have been excellent and things are moving ahead very well. What all parties have agreed to is that we will have a shared communication plan to formally report on progress and hopefully avoid some of the “hiccups” in the past.  In summary, things are looking positive but wait for official communication.

Another addressing activity going on is the One Scotland Gazetteer hosting migration which is part of the overall Customer First Citizen Account refresh.  This will be seamless to both Scottish Gazetteer Custodians and Customer will no disruption of service planned at this stage.

We are also continuing to develop the thinking around the Enquiry Resolution Process i.e. what do customer do if they think and address is missing or incorrect.  We need to develop this as part of the Citizens Account refresh anyway but also have to take into account what is being done under “Tell OS” (or as someone in OS referred to as “Tell Us that we’re wrong!) and how we interface with it.

The flat file version of AddressBase Premium (referred to anonymously by someone who wouldn’t want to be named as AddressBase Usable) which has been developed for the Citizen Account has been well received as sample data and we have a meeting next week arranged to finalise the file for Scotland.  What we have done is basically to take AddressBase Premium and to extract the address information from it to create a flat file with UPRN, a 4 line Address, geocode and an identifier giving its status (approved candidate etc).  We also create a field which contains a concatenation of all addressing fields which can be indexed as use for searching. We then did the same with the delivery point table and appended these records to the flat file.  The file for Scotland has the 3.2M OSG records plus about 2.8M delivery point records and is very easy to use.

In terms of INSPIRE work has been focussed on producing the business case for a resource to manage local government datasets covered by INSPIRE in a consistent manner rather than each council doing its own thing.  There are numerous case studies from similar projects which have involved local government willingly contributing data into national initiatives (greenspace mapping, detailed rivers network, core paths to name a few) but its data has been of little or no use due to the inconsistencies in terms of accuracy, completeness or attribution. There is widespread support across OSMA members for this and the business case will be shared once complete.

Finally I’d like to draw your attention to the AGI Scotland event on the 18th March on Future Cities – more details at http://agiscotland.org.uk/2014/01/30/agi-s-event-18-march-book-now/

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