Are you ready for some KHub Eggscitement?? UPDATED!!!!

With Easter just around the corner, we thought what better way to help people find their way around Knowledge Hub than a good old fashioned Easter Egg hunt!

We have hidden five Easter Eggs throughout Knowledge Hub - some are a bit trickier to find than others - and it’s up to you to spot them all!

They will tend to be in places you might visit in order to add to your profile or find what other users have recently uploaded or blogged about (mega hints!!).

Previously I said that the first six users to find them will get a yummy Easter themed prize - however, given the eggsceptional response we've had, we will randomly select six winners.

You have until 13 April to spot them all.

Once you find them, email with either the links or screen grabs of the eggy pages.

Happy hunting!!


Oh and while you’re searching you might come across our new  Welcome to Knowledge Hub group, where we are hoping as many users as possible stop by to join and just say hi. It will be a useful way to introduce yourself to some of the thousands of Knowledge Hub users and tell us what you hope to use Knowledge Hub for.


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Stacy Cosham 8 Years Ago
This is proving quite hard to find the last one! Any other hints apart from the above?
Michelle Marie Rea 8 Years Ago
Clues eh? Hmm I'll have a think about a few that don't give the game away too much! ;)
Bernard Thirkettle 7 Years Ago
Clues is cheating!!
Michelle Marie Rea 7 Years Ago
Bernard - I think you and I would definitely be on the same quiz team!! PS I am just going to do update the blog - as we have had such a great response to the egg hunt, it will be six randomly selected winners rather than the first six. M