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IRISS has launched a new service, IRISS.FM.

Right back to 2006 IRISS has been recording talks of interest to the Social Services sector in Scotland. `

We feel the time is right to widen the range of recordings to include presentations, interviews, discussions and debate on key Social Services related topics.It is our hope that IRISS.FM will become a forum where all involved in social services can share opinion, knowledge and experience. Our aim is to promote engagement between practitioners, policy makers, researchers and people who use services.

IRISS would love to hear from anyone with suggestions for future topics

The first three IRISS.FM episodes are:

  • Professor David Howe, one of the UK's leading social work academics, talks about how attachment theory is informed by research and how this translates into practice, and why attachment is a key element in effective and appropriate practice.
  • Claire Lightowler (IRISS) hosts a discussion at the second of two workshops held in Glasgow on 16 May as part of the desistance knowledge exchange. The knowledge exchange workshops are part of a project funded by the ESRC involving IRISS, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, Queens University, Belfast and the University of Sheffield.
  • Birth family contact. Continuity or contamination?
    Mary McKenna interviews Barbara Godden about her experience of contact with the birth family of her adopted children, now in their teens. Mary is an independent social work consultant. Barbara is member of the SAIA committee, works with Adoption UK and is the mother of two children she fostered from birth. She talks candidly about the difficulties the arose in connection with birth family contact, both for her and her husband and for the children

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