Open Data Breakthrough Fund - Consultation

In November 2013 the Cambridgeshire Insight Project was awarded a grant of £65k through the Data Strategy Board Open Data Breakthrough fund, designed to enable innovative ways of open data releases. Local demand has been identified in Cambridgeshire for the repeated reuse of datasets already in use by government organisations to assist their planning and economic growth strategies. It is particularly clear that there is a demand not just for the tables within published reports but the unique locally generated base data that feeds those tables. Further information on the project can be found here:

We’re now consulting with people on their views around Open Data - what should be presented, and how.

Please come get involved - and spread the word to anyone you think could be interested. This is open to everyone – not just those in Cambridgeshire.

We'll also be holding a few online discussion groups for people to get involved in.
The survey can be completed here:

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John Gibbons 6 Years Ago
That looks interesting. We have something similar going on in the Manchester region at the moment (but without breakthrough funding). The Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Project was created to assist three Greater Manchester authorities to co-ordinate and realease linked five star data. We have commisioned a quad store, are recruiting code fellows to assist with the technical aspect of the work, plan to release the same data, then pass on the skills to others in our region. See