International Project Management (Day) Month

The Wonder of Project Management Month

As today is International Project Management day, I believe it is important for us to take some time to celebrate those PMOs that made it through some rough times and continue to add value to their organisation.

I am already looking forward to celebrating the PMO of the Year award finalists this month, and in order to spread the word even further I am both hosting the Major Project Association Knowledge Hub for November and already lined up PMChat to support!

I need your help though – I want you to take stock of what your PMO has achieved and share it with me here or on Twitter

PMOs are a fundamental part of the project management industry – gone are the days when PMOs were seen to ‘just’ support delivery; nowadays they can truly enable successful change through people and pragmatic working practices. So, for a change, for a month, let us focus on the positive and create a bragging zone for us all to be proud of what we do!

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Jonathan Norman 3 Years Ago

How many of you are aware of and listen to the regular Twitter events on PMChat?