New stuff to play with

Well it seems only a blink of an eye since I wrote the last post but so much has happened. There's been lots of social and messaging functions added to the platform and we finally delivered notifications as per my last post. There is some bedding down to do mostly in relation to formatting and messaging but I'm feeling good. All credit to Liz and the team for getting everything sorted in the time I've been away.

So now we have:

  • notifications (yay!)
  • direct messaging - listed under 'My messages' on your homepage dashboard and in the bottom right of the screen next to the IM function showing the number of online connections you have
  • wikis (facilitators note this can be switched on in the 'features' section of the admin area)
  • ideas factory (facilitators note this can be switched on in the 'features' section of the admin area)
  • favouriting - bookmarks listed under 'My favourites' on your home page dashboard
  • social tagging - add your own tags to things
  • folders - add a tag to put an item in a folder (yay again!)

I think these elements add an extra dimension that shows what is fundamentally different about Knowledge Hub and it's approach. I urge you to give them a try.

We expect a bedding down period followed by a refinement period before we progress with significant further functional development. We do however welcome you suggestions on what might be good for us to look at. Obviously we have our own ideas but we want to hear yours both in terms of refinements to the current functional set and new ideas. You can even use the new Ideas factory function here.

As for the other major event in my recent past, thanks for all your well wishes and here's the proof!

May the force be with you.


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Liz Copeland 7 Years Ago
Can you believe folks, that's the first wedding pic any of us have seen?! I'm loving the Starwars theme. And Mike - so pleased you've found your princess Leia! :-) I'd just like to add my thanks to Kristian for all his work on the notifications. He's been a fantastic help.
Margaret Cranford 7 Years Ago
Is it just me? I can't see anything in the blog, although I can read Liz's comments.
Michael MacAuley 7 Years Ago
You should be able to see it Margaret. Can you send me a screen shot? Thanks, Mike