Big data, big deal?

Last month we hosted the Young and In Gov summer reception. Because we don't restrict our geekdom to local government, we went with a big data theme. 

We were joined by an excellent group of experts who took us through everything from how to get your data onto an iPad to fixing footpaths to tackling government corruption (not in the UK, I hasten to add).

Big data is something that seems to float around conversations in local government quite frequently and I know there are some great examples of dashboards and other web tech being used really effectively. What I'm less certain of is how we're making the link between conversations about the vast networks of data that are out there with those about changing the relationship between the citizen and the state. Behaviour change, demand management, all that stuff. Something like what Barack Obama's campaign team did to encourage voter turnout.

I hope that we managed to inspire some Young and In Gov members to take on a game-changing project in their councils. In the meantime, here's my favourite video from the night, from the Open Government Partnership. Who says data can't change the world?

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Mike Thacker 7 Years Ago
Yes Rebecca, it's a great video. I believe that was used to help win over the G8 to committing to more transparancy. As a result has indexed thousands of, as yet, unpublished datasets held by government departments. From Novemeber they're moving on to work with us in local government including automated harvesting of inventories of local datasets and cross referencing against local government standard vocabularies ..
Michelle Marie Rea 7 Years Ago
Hi, currently in Dublin at IBM finding out more the about their Smarter Cities work - definitely worth taking a look at. The Dublinked project is particularly interesting.
Rebecca Cox 7 Years Ago
Thanks both for those links - always interesting to find out what others are doing in this area. Mike - that sounds really promising! Keep us posted...