Evidence in public health: The results of an online survey

This was a small survey with an aim to establish how those working in public health define ‘evidence’ in public health, what evidence they use and how frequently, what barriers they experience in accessing and using evidence and what factors they think affect evidence. Still, the results of the research are informative and by stimulating discussion around the findings, we may go some way into addressing the concerns expressed by respondents and improve the processes that shape the evidence which we use in decision-making to improve public health globally.

Read the full report here: http://nhfshare.heartforum.org.uk/RMAssets/NHFreports/Evidence_Survey2013.pdf

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Lucy-Ann James 6 Years Ago
Hi Jennifer, I just came across this post during my research for a PHOF project at Wiltshire Council. I was wondering whether the report was still available to read somewhere? I would be really interested to see what challenges other Local Authorities have come up agains, Lucy James lucy.james@wiltshire.gov.uk