Living Interdependently - one way to build community cohesion

When we consider our lives, one value which often comes into mind is our want to live independently. Equally while working in Social Care, we talk about service users living independently. However is this encouraging isolation.

I would like to talk to you about 'living interdependently'. Every person who gives, can receive, and vice versa. We all have so much to give to the world around us, however our desire for independence and privacy has gone too far. We have become overly territorial about whatever space we call our own and with it have shut out others who can make a difference to us.

Every person I meet, regardless of age or experience, has something to teach me. Equally, I have something that is of value to all who meet me. Life is two-way street. Not one of us is only a giver, not one of us is only a receiver.

So let's live interdependently whether at work or at home, break down those territorial barriers and re-build real communities.

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