Grey literature in public health: valuable evidence?

We live in an information society where information overload is a recognised problem within the public health workforce. Surprisingly, in such an information rich environment with traditional and new sources of information online, those working in public health experience information poverty, lacking access to information that they need or sometimes not able to find what they need.

Evidence-based practice means we use evidence as well as our experience in decision-making. But what do we mean by evidence in public health? Today we are launching a brief discussion paper aimed to stimulate discussion around evidence in public health, and the importance of grey literature as evidence.  Last month we launched a survey asking public health peers what they class as evidence. The survey is still open, go to our homepage and click on the link to contribute. The results will be shared in due course and add to our understanding of how we deal with evidence in public health.  We would like you to get involved in the discussion, so please tweet your comments to @UK_HF or email Helena


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