Discovering Digital Democray - One Week On

Last week we launched Rewiring Local Democracy - a work strand of the LovalGov Digital Steering Group.

Our "day of discovery" proved to be just that.  We wanted to start a dialogue and begin to find out what digital democracy activity is taking place already.  We weren't disappointed.  Councillors, officers, scrutineers, web folk, democratic services folk, community activists, organisations and providers all joined the conversation and freely shared their experiences.  Thank you.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Some of your contributions have been collected here.

Whilst this is just the start, it has already proved (if proof be needed) that great stuff is happening and people care about democracy in a digital age.  We know that there are some innovative ideas out there, some frustrations and a desire to share and collaborate further.  We have a lot to build on.

Looking ahead to 2014 our New Year resolutions for Rewiring Local Democracy will be:

  • Keep the conversation going and develop the network - follow us on @LDBytes and please use #ldbytes when posting your content.  It's easier for us to find it if you do.
  • Develop a space where we can collect good practice, share thinking and collaborate to develop solutions.
  • With the Steering Group influence national strategy by ensuring that digital democracy is at the heart of developing thinking 
  • Continue to develop the framework for rewiring local democracy and use it as a basis for ongoing dialogue and collaboration
  • Initiate new thinking about what rewired local democracy will look like


To do all of this we will need your help.  Have a great Christmas.  We look forward to a year of rewiring local democracy in 2014

Find Local Democracy Bytes on twitter: @LDBytes or on the Knowledge Hub or share using #LDBytes.

Carl Whistlecraft and Dave Mckenna

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