Happy new Knowledge Hub!!

Well... Happy new Knowledge Hub!!  Things are now finally in place and we're ready to begin receiving members.

For those few people who were involved in the previous 'Community of Practice', then apologies for the fact that it hadn't been kept up to date over the last 6 weeks or so - this was due to uncertainties about the future of the programme (including my personal position) and delays in the new Knowledge Hub changing over from the old CoPs website over Christmas.... but we're here now.

I think the new site looks really good and thanks go to the LGA team who have pulled this together.  Hopefully its functionality will support us in working more effectively and efficiently together, and we can use it help keep everyone up to date with what's going on at all levels.  Well that's the theory anyway.... we just need to make it happen.

It's fair to say that we enter the New Year with a huge amount of work to do and lots to organise, but providing everyone plays their part, I think we can be confident that together we can achieve great things. 

Consutlation papers about future governance & commissioning arrangements are the first documents that I've placed into the library, which are mirrored on the discussion forum.  We're seeking people's views about the options outlined so please get involved and share your thoughts.

Our new partnership hub will be regularly updated with information from the Alcohol Harm Reduction Programme and I hope will support more open communication across all partners as this work moves forward. 

My intention is that the style here will be relaxed, friendly and dare I say it occasionally irreverent and humourous.... This clearly isn't Facebook, but it's not a series of papers or conversations for public consumption, critique by the management team or scrutiny by cabinet either... So... Yes it will be professional, but it should also be the place for us to share personal views appropriately as well (which includes sharing and working through differences of opinion).  

Of course, if you have other views then pitch in - share them and help us shape how we do business.

Everyone I've met talks with huge excitement about how we can make a real difference by working better together and it will be brilliant working alongside some great people to make this a reality.  Get in touch if you want to be involved in shaping or supporting the delivery of the work or feel you've got a part to play in this...

Looking forward to getting you on board and welcome to the new hub.

Next blog in a few days.....



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