Digital services must be co-designed and co-produced with the public

I think that we would all recognise that we are in the midst of a perfect storm of increasing demand within a contracting financial environment, and that we have a strong desire to safeguard  the outcomes that we are enabling our customers to achieve through the services we provide. 

We, the public sector, need to transform ourselves into a federated digital business, not only to deliver financially efficient services but to provide a seamless and satisfying customer journey that spans sectors and organisations. 

If these new services are to meet all our expectations and that of all of our customers then they must be co-designed and co-produced with the customer at the very heart of them. 

My expectation of the Digital Summit is to kickstart a new collaborative digital alliance between central government, local government, communities, and the customer where we all put our assets into the mix whether they be knowledge, insight, intelligence, or technology in order to co-design and co-deliver the services that our customers want and need, and that are affordable to us.

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Martin Ferguson 7 Years Ago
Whilst I agree with the thrust of what you say, we should not lose sight of the fact that local public services are complex and will invoke a variety of disposititions to participate on teh part of the so-called customer. As long ago as 1989, Larsson and Bowen brought this to our attention in their model of customer interfaces based on the diversity of demand (or complexity of the service requiremet) and the disposition of the customer to participate: This led to four potential service scenarios, exemplified by: 1. The bank account - simply manage my money and I've no desire to participate in the process c.f Council Tax account. 2. Service my car - service my complex car and I really don't want to get involved c.f. planning application. 3. Self service - give me the simple choices and I'm happy to select c.f. leisure services. 4. Co-create and co-design - involve and engage me in the complex set of choices that need to be made c.f. social and health care. A lot of the problems we run into in public services design arise because we assume that every service situation is the same. Not so. We should not assume that co-creation and co-design are appropriate for every service situation. But they are appropriate for some, and this has been a neglected area - the more so that digital is with us.