Sharing along the way

Sharing along the way


Well today is my last day as Project Manager for the Improving Information Sharing and Management (IISaM) Project. In some senses it only seems like yesterday when I was interviewed and took up the role. Overall its been an exciting 18 months whereby the last phase of national dissemination has positioned the project well for the future.

Over the next couple of months more and more appropriate information sharing will take place, and I personally think there will be growth in what does all this information now mean.  Information sharing is key for service improvement and lets face facts overall budget savings.  Clearly this does have to be done in an appropriate and secure way, but hurdles where found need to be overcome.  Remember to help you now have a dedicated site, so please have a look at the information sharing journey within the toolkit and the case studies and start with a clear vision, build on your information governance and pilot.  


The way in which data has been collected, handled and shared appropriately needs to change, with cultural barriers being addressed.  I am sure you will agree that some of the case studies on the IISaM website help overall with the processes around appropriate information sharing, and that if we work collectively we can make a difference to overall outcomes.


We must recognise the importance of information, just like we recognise the importance of our resources, whether they are financial or human resources.  If your organisation is acknowledging this then there will be a rich and annually refreshed information management strategy assessing information needs and where information sharing plays a part.  With an information management programme and corporate team, there will be a clear delivery plan regarding how your organisation intends to get the most from its information assets.


Please be careful though and plan with what you have, start small with many small pilots and reflect. Wherever possible develop joint strategies with your partners with ties in with localism and policy. Remember the value of information becomes greater when you can reuse it appropriately within that locality, so partners and what they can put on the table are key to your resourcing plan.

Finally can I thank everyone who has helped support IISaM at a Project, local, regional and national level.  


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