How to blatantly promote your group on the Knowledge Hub

How to blatantly promote your group on the Knowledge Hub

Are you a facilitator of a group on the Knowledge Hub?  And you’re not a member of the Online Facilitators Community; well you missed out on a lot this month.

Number 5 and moving up?  This month saw the Online Facilitators Community move to number 5 in the Most Popular Groups on the Knowledge Hub

And a big thank you to all the members that have helped this happen with your great contributions.

So what happened this month?

A Hotseat on a hotseat – hotseats have been one of the most successful engagement techniques out there to get conversations going in your group.  Ian Cole from the Customer Led Transformation Group shared his experience of hosting hotseats with members of the group.  Some amazing insights have been captured from other facilitators who also shared their experience.  You can view the Hotseat, Write up and Guidance documents on how to host a hotseat in the group.

So what’s next for the community?  This month we started using the Idea function in the community.  And we are asking for votes and ideas on activities that members would like to take part in.

Are any of these topics of interest to you?


An interview with!  This month I had the chance to interview Barrie Minney from LACEF another one of the Top five Most popular groups.  Barrie provides some great insights into facilitating a group and the lows and high’s that you will experience. 

If you have ten minutes to spare and wish to share your experience with other members please let me know and I’ll book in some time to have a chat.

Are you thinking about webinars?

Do you know how to host them or what is more important do you know how to be an attendee.  As I’m hoping you will not be late and disrupt everyone else.

If you are interested we have two guidance docs called a Presenter's guide to webinars and an attendee's guide for a webinar for you to look at

Why do lots of online groups fail?  It’s normally one of two things.  There is no WIIFM for the members, or it’s a ghost town.  Maybe you should take the 24 hour rule into consideration.

How do you help new members take the first step into the community?  Do you welcome them and show them around, do you give them hints and tips of some of the key things the community offers?  If not you may lose them straight away.  Have you ever though about a Welcome Pack for a new member.  Check out ours it may give you a few ideas.

Have you experienced a decline in activity since the move to the Knowledge Hub?  This is a topic that we have been discussing, with a few suggestions of ways to address it as well as ideas for future info and metrics to assist the facilitators.  Do you have any thing that you can add to the discussion?

This month!

We will do a piece around how much time you should spend facilitating your group and identify from our members the time and areas they focus on.  So keep an eye out for our survey.

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