Living through change (yes really)

For those of you who do not know me (not that you should !), I am a KM specialist who has worked with many local authorities and private sector organisations - predominently around KIM.  I did my teething in this area by as part of the team at IDeA developing the original CoP platform and I am truly ecstatic to see how this has developed (well done Steve, Michael, Tim and Dimple x).

My role since those glorious days, however, has developed into a culture change and business coach role somewhat as most of the organisations who engage my services

a) dont know what they want and

b) dont know what it will look like when they get it! 

I find that the first stages of my role are identifying really where the organisation wants to get to and how they plan to bring the staff along with them.  Hmmm that old chestnut I hear ringing on the airwaves!, but the current climate is different - and definately requires a different mindset.

No longer is it enough to develop a business case and/or strategy with the senior management team, engage with the organisation to tell them how it will be (with their input of course!!), develop a delivery plan identifying the projects involved and set up a programme of work to roll out - no, a much deeper level of understanding on the complexity of an ever changing environment coupled with the insecurity and disengagement of teams that are incresingly performing multiple roles across multiple teams needs to be considered (particularly in local government).  The emotional challenges and the people aspect of change is starting to impact on the organisations ability to harness and retain knowledge, regardless of the intention - and this is where I have been concentrating my energies.  

I have been working with two large local authorities lately who have gone through (and continue to go through) extreme change and the challenge I have set for them and myself is

how to create a knowledge-based culture and retain a good life/work balance throughout the change process (and remain positive throughout :)

i would like to share my experience with you all - hence the blog! - so watch this space.

Caron x

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