A new year and a fresh start to 2013!


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December/ January Edition

A new year and a fresh start to 2013!


Let’s start with introducing our newest members.  So a big hello to Haydn Davies, Phil Taverner, Alex Morrice, Ben Lowndes, Heather Jack and Lesley Kelso. 

Did you know Brett Taylor, founder of Friendfeed and former CTO of Facebook, noted that his data showed that if members befriended five individuals on the platform they would likely become permanent members of the community. 

So don’t forget connecting can be a big thing.

Who do you appreciate? Community Manager Appreciation Day

For anyone who is not a facilitator of a group on the Knowledge Hub and you’re reading this, here’s your chance to say thank you. 

Monday the 28th January is Community Manager Appreciation Day.  Jeremiah Owyang declared every 4th Monday in January as “Community Manager Appreciation Day.”  This day is meant to recognise and celebrate efforts of community managers/facilitators around the world.  The event is becoming bigger and bigger each year. And this year you will see more activity about it on the Knowledge Hub or check out twitter #cmad.

So if you have a few minutes please say “thank you”.  Here are a few suggestions on how you can do it.

Can you help?

Heather asks How do you break the silence in a new group?  How did you do it when you started your group?  What advice can you give to someone who has just started a new group?

How are you using tags in your group?  A great question from Heather and a big thank you to Alex, Liz, Richard and Dave for your great insights. 

Are you using them in a different way and what works for you?

How do you join up an online discussion?  A great question from Lyndsey.  I have suggested the use of a group to do an online conference to facilitate the discussion.  And I know others have done similar stuff in the past on the CoP Platform.  Do you believe this approach would work for Lyndsey or could you suggest another approach?

The results are in from our New Year’s Resolution Poll.  Do you agree with the results and what resolutions do you have?

New stuff

As we have a few new members we have put together a Quick Start Checklist for Facilitators which takes you through personalising your group, seeding, invitations and group messaging.

We have been updating the FAQs.  Section 1 is complete, Group administration. Group moderation and group management are coming soon!

If you have any suggestions for questions to be answered please add them to the comments section.

Coming soon!

How much time do you spend facilitating a group? Part 2

New Facilitators Admin Walkthrough (February)

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