Wind of change- what I love about KHub

Migration is really picking up I’ve been watching the conversations on KHub about the new platform and how it’s different from CoP, that some things are missing. I’ve been having these conversations myself during one to one or small group meetings and I have to admit that in the beginning of my experience with KHub I focussed on the gaps and the missing functions. Now that I know KHub a lot better my focus is going the other way into what KHub is offering and how that can help me achieve the things that are at the core of working collaboratively online- making connections, finding people and information easily and being able to share information easily. Things I’m loving about KHub:

Homepage feed- logging in and seeing first thing all the activity in my groups and from the people I’m connected with in one place.

Instant messaging- this has already been so useful to me in having short or long conversations with people online. It’s such a great feature and will be very useful to people whose IT security means online chat through other platforms is banned.

Social media buttons- You can share content to your other social networks from KHub with the click of a button. Also, in your profile you can add in some of the external social media platforms you use so people can connect with you outside KHub too.

Flat structure- this has really opened content and users up and I think it will be appreciated by colleagues who might still be a little apprehensive about working online or who don’t recognise some of the whizz bang stuff on KHub that mimic functions in popular social media platforms.

Suggested people and content- as KHub gets to know you by what you post, tag, who you connect with and what groups you join it will suggest people and content to you.

Like button- this is a great feature that can help elevate a piece of work you appreciate in the wider Hub. So, if your pal Joe has posted a fantastic piece of information about youth offending that you think other people working in youth offending should know about, you can give it a thumbs up and this will help it climb the ranks in content about youth offending on the site.

This is just for starters as KHub is developing but it’s exciting to be part of the developing change to an online platform so many government people- and their partners- are using to work better.

Let your balalaika sing. What my guitar wants to say...Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me.

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Gavin Crosby 8 Years Ago
Do not get me started on late 80's hair metal, 'specially on a Friday afternoon... oh go on then hopefully the KHub will not be 'here i go again (on my own)' but it's definitely 'the final countdown' for CoP We're not perfect on the Khub yet, but then 'every rose has it's thorn \m/
Richard Overy 8 Years Ago
Leah, I also focused on what was missing to start with but once I had a look around the KHub felt like home and I was forgetting the work arounds/quirks of the CoP which did sometimes frustrate me. A few of the things I like: Cross group conversations and suggestions for related content which makes it feel like real social media; Connecting with others is easier; I like the like feature. I'm sure the KHub will go from strength to strength and although it's not a rock anthem 'the only way is up'!