BCPF 3 Highlights - part 5

Adrian from IPA

This won't be the last event post because I want to cover the discussion groups and the at-forum survey. There are also the Survey Monkey post-event results which are looking both positive and constructive. And I will post the attendee list (just names and orgs). Posts on these topics will come next week I hope.

Do remember - we are always open to ideas, speakers and rooms for next time (Nov). Now today's post is a little special and I am making it public because if you are part of BCPF on K-Hub you may already remember this.

First the trailer from yesterday is here to remind you.

Adrian Davis has lead the glorious endeavour to get the ppm community across governemnt and way beyond onto K-Hub. If you weren't there, not only can you read his presentation but you can listen along too. Everytime you hear a 'thrum' noise you should move to the next slide. We would like to think Adrian for his unstinting help and advice and for taking the time to spend the day with us.

Here is his presentation and his talk to download and hear is here


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Adrian Davis 3 Years Ago
Thanks Simon for sharing this. If anyone has any questions for me, just get in touch.
Simon Kinrade 3 Years Ago
Adrian has posted a video version bringing together the slides and the audio here: https://khub.net/group/government-project-delivery-community-hub/forum/-/message_boards/message/34114559 Thanks, Adrian.