Introducing Target Cognito - Shaping the Financial Services and Payments Landscape

Introducing Target Cognito - Shaping the Financial Services and Payments Landscape

Developed to share ideas, resources, support and contacts to thrive in the new financial services and payments landscape.

This is the place to turn digital innovation into business advantage and give you the 'how' - the ideas, the resources, the support and the contacts that will help you make it happen.

Our thought leaders and expertise, shared with you. Not only that, but we want you to join in and share your opinions.

Connect with us and other industry professionals at our Target Group Store and at our Target Cognito website.


Issues Examined 


Focussed, innovative, unshackled by legacy infrastructure: the financial services and payments market is being shaken up by a host of new entrants – virtual banks, alternative lenders and more. But with a razor-sharp focus on disaggregation, more established players can play by the same rules and use their customer base, brand and capital to get ahead.



Rapid Business Improvement: easy to promise, hard to deliver. But Target’s end-to-end approach keeps paying off – reshaping complex processes, connecting legacy systems, simplifying the experience for your people and your customers.



At Target, we see the customer experience end-to-end – and prioritise the areas which will make the most difference to your customers. Simplified processes, clearer instructions, higher satisfaction.



Sometimes the issue isn’t what you need to do: it’s how to do it. Our approach is that you do whatever it takes – partnership or going alone, nominating change agents or mobilising a team. If you can’t convince everyone, sometimes you have to stand your ground, prove the concept and go again. Mobilisation is the hardest bit, but it’s the most satisfying.


Connect with us and other industry professionals at our Target Group Store and at our Target Cognito website


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