Look under the bonnet and sprinkle the magic

What type of person would  punch a puppy ? Would you eat your own dog food ?  Well you might if you realised it meant doing something detestable but good for the business and you might try out something new on yourself first. These are two of the more unusual and in my experience less common examples of management speak. Have you recently been encouraged to look under the bonnet or been referred to the strategic staircase? If like me you're not familiar with these expressions they mean find out what's happening and look at the business plan. If a member of the senior management team announces  that they are going to sun set the project they mean bring it to an end. If your boss asks for an elevator pitch they want a brief presentation. If a colleague boasts they're going to sprinkle the magic they are going to talk to people.

Management  speak is used to deflect blame, complicate simple ideas, obscure problems, and perpetuate power relations. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you had recently been encouraged to reach out to stake holders or to think out of the box perhaps you and your colleagues had a thought shower ( brain storm) as a way of coming up with new ideas or to identify some leverage. If this was part of a budget discussion there was probably a reference to low hanging fruit and for added dramatic effect you may have been told you were standing on a burning platform. Someone will have mentioned the bottom line and in response others will have referred to  a ball park figure. 
Everyone thinks management speak is ridiculous especially when they come across a new example that requires translating but once people become familiar with an expression they find it difficult not to use it. After all it shows you're a member of the club. 
Blair McPherson www.blairmcpherson.co.uk

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