Does my boss have the right to demand enthusiasm

The boss says the budget position gives us no choice but I don't like the changes. The new working arrangements may well reduce costs but they put extra pressure on staff who are already under to much stress and no mater how he spins it the service will deteriorate. I'm not happy but I reluctantly agree we have no choice. I will explain the changes to my team  and why they are necessary but my boss expects and wants more. My boss says I not only have to own these changes I have to be enthusiastic about them other wise my team will pick up on my, " negativity". Does my manager have the right to demand enthusiasm? 
Being a manager particularly a senior manager requires the ability to fake enthusiasm, you don't have the luxury of deciding which policies you believe in, which strategies you agree with  and which decisions you support. The leadership wants to out source services then your job is to make it happen, the leadership changes and want to bring services back in house then your job is to make it work. You're entitled to express your views and concerns, it's part of your job to identify the risks during the decision making process but once the decision has been made then your boss is entitled to expect you keep those doubts and concerns to your self. And yes this means convincing those you manage that you are totally behind these decisions. Either that or you look for a new job. 
Blair McPherson former director 

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