Sponsored Feature: Phoenix joins the Money Advice Liaison Group

Phoenix are proud to be one of the first national business members of the Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG), supporting a collaborative approach to improving the solutions available for those in financial hardship or vulnerable situations.

The following announcement was made:

MALG facilitates the sharing of expertise and best practice and provides a forum for joined up thinking and new ideas. Phoenix find this is beneficial to continuously developing our understanding of customers' debt issues, enabling us to deliver a flexible and tailored approach to collections which meets the needs of the customer and the creditor.

Bob Winnington, MALG's Executive Officer, commented: "The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) has been through a significant transformation in the past 12 months following the appointment of a new Chair, Liz Barclay, and a new Executive Officer, Bob Winnington. The organisation has introduced a new logo and has recently launched a refreshed website providing more information and engagement opportunities for its members. A significant development has been the introduction of the new National Business Membership and MALG are delighted to welcome Phoenix Commercial as one of the initial new National Business Members. This strengthens the links between the two organisations and we look forward to developing this connection in the years ahead."


Visit MALG for more information on how they are working to improve the lives of people in debt.

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