Proving your Impact

Proving your impact has become a hot topic! At RunAClub, we can help you with your output and outcome reporting and even produce some extremely useful and pretty infographics to demonstrate your impact and reach to your funders and partners. If you would like to see our infographic please message through the system or email

As our members of clubs, groups and projects swell to over 33,000 and our sessions supported to over 27,000 I thought you might like to see a few of our hundreds of positive comments we receive from our lovely customers….

‘It’s great seeing our attendance grow over time…it’s a boost for our team to be able to monitor our positive impact’.

‘The time I used to spend on admin can now be used for improving our club and engaging with members’.

‘Before RunAClub I used to spend hours gathering our outputs and member demographics for our funders – now the information is recorded as I go along and I have instant access to the stats from the reports. I can also track my funding streams!’

We are so pleased to help!

Finally, I was fortunate to be invited to celebrate International Women’s Day this week at 10 Downing Street. Whatever your politics, this was an event to celebrate and I absolutely loved representing our growing social technology organisation at such a prestigious event along with so many interesting and outstanding women from all sectors. I made sure to look at every single one of the paintings and photographs of the past Prime Ministers all the way up the stairs. My mum and dad would have been astonished at the idea I would ever visit such a place and I made the most of every minute.

Remember if you are volunteering at your club, group or project this weekend, we are here to help.

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