Local wellbeing, local growth: adopting Health in All Policies

Resources to help local government improve local wellbeing and growth through its multiple functions, service areas and partnership working.

These documents bring together the arguments for a Health in All Policies approach with a set of practical examples of implementation from the UK and around the world. They are aimed at local authority leaders, chief executives, other senior officers and councillors, and Directors of Public Health.

Public Health England (PHE) has led a work programme on Health and Health Equity in All Policies, which seeks to harness the potential of local authority policies and services to address the wider determinants of health. PHE worked with the Association of Directors of Public Health and the Local Government Association (LGA) to develop masterclasses to understand how to support directors of Public Health and local government to adopt health and health equity in all policies at a local level. Building on learning and feedback from these masterclasses, PHE held further regional events, bringing senior-level colleagues from local authorities together to inform the development of this resource to support local authorities in adopting a Health in All Policies approach.

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