Living with Dementia

Living with dementia is not about some one with dementia, it's not about caring for someone with dementia it about living in a residential  care home where everyone else has dementia. It's about having the room across the corridor from posh Rachael, who walks up and down all day in her underwear complaining she is,"starrrrving", in a very upper crust voice. It's about waking up in the middle of the night to find a little white haired lady sitting by your bed just starring at you. Not a ghost just Mary who wanders at night. It's about the elderly Irish woman with the strong accent who comes into your room to " make a cup of tea" not once not twice but many many times a day. Then there is the new women in the next room who can't understand why she is here, " my son says I have Alzheimers but I don't. I have looked after my husband for 30 years.  I need to go home he won't cope on his own". But it soon becomes clear she is very confused.

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When someone has the dementia it makes them feel aggregation, They always thinking about the diseases they have caught. Some times it will lead to some mental distraction to them. The people around them will be very careful about him/her. Don't let them sit alone and think mire about anything. We can't understand what they will going to do in the next step. So be focused on their movements all the time. [url=]MBA Colleges in Mumbai[/url]