Project X - an exciting opportunity

I would like to intoduce you all to Project X and ask whether you would like to become involved.

Project X is an ambitious research platform designed jointly by the Infrastructure & Projects Authority and UK Universities to engage world class researchers in project and programme management with the professionals delivering major projects.

The overall intention is to do rigorous research to produce evidence based insights/guidance/practical support etc which, if applied within the professions, will improve project delivery outcomes.

We have 5 main themes under which we are coralling the research which involves 12 Universities, all key professional bodies, private sector participants and project professionals - these are:

  • Defining value - understanding and measuring success and the identification of critical success factors
  • Front end and back end management practices and their influence on project performance
  • Data quality and use and its connection to project performance
  • Assurance reviews, reporting and governance and their connection to effective decision making
  • Capability development and knowledge management

Each theme is led by a senior academic from a major University/Business School


The main premis of this endeavour is that researchers undertake the detailed work- this is funded from a number of sources but notably the Economic and Social Research Council (other funding councils are also being approached for funding), Universities from existing funding, Professional bodies (PMI, MPA and APM) etc.  We are also keen for any private sector organisations to sponsor research directly through funding support and/or access to data etc

There is scope for anyone who enjoys undertaking academic research to undertake the research themselves under supervision from the Universities etc and some project professionals have expressed an interest in doing this

There is also scope for anyone involved in project delivery to support the work of the researchers by a range of means including making appropriate introductions, advising on topics and content of research, reviewing potential material for publication etc.  There are also other ways to get involved including attending our workshops, conferences, getting involved in discussions of interest etc ..... some ways I have yet to think about.

If you would like to become involved - please let me know and we will ask you to complete a bio setting out your skills and experience and also the theme with which you would like to align.  We can then ensure you are put in touch with the group working in this area.

Project X is overseen by strict governance arrangements and all those involved are asked to sign non disclosure agreements and agree not to share specific data or information apart from under very strict guidelines etc - this is overseen by the Government Legal Service.





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martin Paver 3 Years Ago
Sounds like a great initiative Terri. Delighted to help where I can.
Barry Spruce 3 Years Ago
Sounds excellent - happy to support/help
Neil Wolstenholme 3 Years Ago
as Head of assurance for HMRC, I can really see where research into Assurance reviews, reporting and governance and their connection to effective decision making, will help me in my continuous challenge of how do we add value in supporting the effective delivery of our Portfolio of programmes.
Tim Ellis 3 Years Ago
Sounds like a really exciting initiative Terri - I'm keen to be involved and hopefully the Project and Programme Management Community of Practice will be a useful for identifying participants in specific research questions and disseminating findings.