Club Soda - change your drinking

Club Soda aims to use behaviour change theories and techniques to build tools that you can use to change people's relationship with alcohol. They work with experts from University College London to help improve the offer to you.

Club Soda exists to help people to be happier and healthier by changing their drinking; whether they want to cut down, stop for a bit, quit or stick. They want to be the trusted place to go to for information, tools and support to help people take a self-guided journey to changing their drinking. They will connect people who want to change their drinking with others who can support them in doing that, both fellow members and experts.

Club Soda is built from personal experience by a team that still likes a tipple or two. They are a social business whose drive is to continually improve and develop Club Soda and be self-sustaining. They started up with a small loan from the Cabinet Office funded Public Service Accelerator programme and receive no funding from the NHS or the alcohol drinks industry. They work together with licensees, venues, and pub companies.

Find out more at

Find out more about behaviour change research at nudgingpubs,uk, and for ideas for low / alcohol free drinks see


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Ian Leete 4 Years Ago
Club soda have done some really good work for Hackney Council, working with local publicans to understand how they can make low or zero strength products commercially viable. These items are too often hidden away and then discontinued because no-one can see them to ask for them. Club Soda worked with the licensees to help them realise they needed to treat them like any other new product and promote them. More information at
Richard Caton 4 Years Ago
I've heard of the work in Hackney but I can't find a list of venues that working in the scheme on the Club Soda website. It would be really helpful to have an idea of which pubs and bars across the country are supporting the concept so that people can vote with their feet.