Earth Quakes and Hurricanes

Earth quakes and hurricanes. Well tremors and storms. High winds, lashing rain and rough sea smashing loudly on the rocks all day and all night. Thunder and lightening very very frightening. I understand why the ancient Greeks believed in vengeful gods. It certainly sounds, looks and feels like a violent temper tantrum from a very powerful being as they stamp their foot, smash their fist and throwing the furniture round. Glad I'm not camping! Glad I'm not on one of those yachts jerking up and down as they violently tug at their ropes, anchors ripped from the sea bed and everyone on deck securing ropes, shouting instructions and wishing they had booked an apartment like previous years as the the very large an expensive yacht looks like it is going to smash into the smaller yacht and crunch it against the harbour wall. I wonder do they have insurance like cars and does it cover violent storms and inexperienced sailors? 

The young man who hires out the small motor boats which you sail across the bay has been out all night in the horrendous storm bailing water out of his small fleet to stop them from filling with rain water and sinking. 
Is this a metaphor, not all in the same boat but experiencing the same turbulent conditions,  some on their massive yachts, some on their modest sail boats, some looking on cocktail in hand others franticly bailing out. 
Hold on people are walking, people are jogging , people are swimming, boats are sailing , the sun is shining, the sea is calm, the tavernas are open.

Kindly disregard this email.

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