My special powers

Have you seen that romcom in which the young man inherits his fathers ability to travel back in time, not a long way back only back to a previous incident in their lives. He can go back and change things, not big things like stoping wars , assignations or  plan crashes but small things, those embarrassing moment can be erased from history, words you wish you had never spoken could be unspoken, you would never forget a birthday or anniversary, you would never lose an argument because you never have one!

You're probably thinking how this special power could be used at work, how you could enhance your reputation, you would always do a good interview simply by reaping it but this time with the knowledge of what's going to be asked, nerves would never get the better of you because you know you can always do it again, the idea that you can never repeat a first impression just would' t apply.

Generally this ability to jump back in time  means reliving the day. We have all had days where we wish we had stayed in bed, you still have those but you can relive it the way you wanted it to go, in so far as your own actions are concerned and that means you can be much more aware of how your behaviour affects others and if its not how you intended it, do it again differently.

So how much would you really change? If you changed how you performed at interview until you did the perfect interview would you end up in the perfect job or would you end up in a job where you didn't fit, where your thinking was out of step with everyone else, where you couldn't be your self, where everyday had to be relived over and over till you got it right! What about the other possibilities the jobs you would never have, the people you would never meet, the opportunities you would miss because you got a job you were never meant to have.

Would you be the perfect boss if you never misspoke, were never late for a meeting, never forgot a name, never failed to anticipate a question or have a reassuring answer, never failed to say the right thing, were never wrong and never had to apologise? Or would you be an impossible boss and an insufferable colleague? 

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