Are your event surveys any good?

When you go to most events you get a lovely happy sheet at the end or emailed to you after the event.  Most of them are tick box based. 

But does that really help if your hosting the event. 

One of the stand out things that any community can do is run an event.  If your lucky to be able to do it, it can really set your community on a strong path.  But you will also want to do it again.

I’ve just been listening to the Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel& Eric Siu.  And you’re probably thinking what does Marketing have to do with supporting an online community.

Well it’s one of the many hats you get to wear as a community manager.  Check out Dion Hinchcliffe’s jack of all trades Image

Back to the subject at hand.  Neil and Eric shared some great tips of the types of questions to use to survey the participants at the end of the event that will help you plan for the next one

Obviously asking for the name and email was the starting point

Asking a question based on the for an overall rating of the event and thinking if the event was more tactical based or motivational.  Does your audience or segments of the audience prefer a certain style?  For me, most project managers would want a range of tactical sessions rather than motivational

Next look at a range of simple open-ended question such as

  • What did you love the most?
  • What could we do to improve / done better?
  • Is there anything else

Then dropping the responses into a word clouds to pull out the key points.

And not forgetting the speaker’s ratings and cross referencing this if it was more tactical or motivational.

There some good tips there that I’m going to look to implement next time I do an event.

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I am wondering if you can help.  We have to produce a Community on line survey.  When you produce your surveys do you link to a privacy notice to let individuals know what your are doing with/how long you are keeping their information  under public interest rather than rely on consent?

Michael Norton 1 Year ago in reply to AMANDA PRICE .

Hi Amanda


I have always been clear on what the survey is for and what the results of the survey will be used for.

I also normally leave most of the fields as non mandatory as to allow the person completing the survey to choose the personal information that they wish to share and ask if its ok for me to contact them after.

As the survey is for community members, hopefully there is trust between you and the members on what you are surveying them about.

We have been discussion different software to use in the Online Facilitators Community if that’s also of interest.