#OurDay – the 24hr tweetathon to celebrate our public services

Today sees many of those who are working and volunteering to deliver public services to our communities share the great and important work they are doing to keep our communities going. Organisations and individuals from public sector organisations and the voluntary sector, and its partners, are coming together to showcase what a day in the life of public service is really like for those who are delivering it.

Here are some of our favourite #OurDay tweets and stories so far…

Example of OurDay tweets 1

Example of OurDay tweets 2Knowledge Hub boasts over 2000 groups where our members are connecting with each other to support our communities through online collaboration. There are a variety of project groups, peer reviews, communities of practice, training programmes, steering groups and document repositories for members to share information and knowledge. The range of topics being discussed across the platform is incredible. From climate change, food safety and enforcement to public health, data management and children’s services, there are members from all professions in the public sector working hard to find the best possible ways to do their job and deliver their service to our communities through online collaboration.

To help celebrate #OurDay we wanted to highlight how our members are working together. Here are a few examples of what public servants and volunteers across the country, our KHub members, do every day.

Healthcare Project Delivery Community

NHS Project Futures logo A private community for project professionals, practitioners and anyone in healthcare working in the health and care family of organisations that has an interest in developing their knowledge and skills and connecting with colleagues. Connect to colleagues in other NHS organisations and join like-minded healthcare project professionals and practitioners.

Heritage Workspace

Historic England logo

For everyone working with Historic England to achieve the best for people and places. Supported by Historic England, members can share good practice, ask questions and find fellow practitioners who share their commitment and fascination with England's world-renowned historic environment.

Government Commercial Function Community Government Commercial Function logo

A programme to help create the best commercial function in the UK. This key communications channel for government departments is building a networked community for commercial staff to connect, ask questions, share best practice, run multi-location networks and create regional events.

Local Government Association (LGA)

Local Government Association logo

A range of online coloration groups led by the LGA to support their programmes within the local government sector, the LGA plays a leading role in improvement and innovation to ensure that councils can continue to make a difference in their local areas and more importantly to the lives of their residents.

Scottish Public Services Network

Improvement Service logo

Bringing together all Scottish collaboration groups into a single collaborative arena, led by the Scottish Improvement Service, this network provides a space for local government, national government and its partners to share best practice, discuss new ideas, and build on work together. It also helps to connect its members to the wider world – with colleagues in England and across the UK – sharing expertise, practice and ideas across the country.

These are just some of Knowledge Hub’s success stories. Without all of our members and their contributions, we wouldn’t have a collaboration platform that is making a difference across public service – saving the sector time, money and effort by making online collaboration easy and efficient.

Join in the #OurDay celebrations and share your story!

Find and join a group on Knowledge Hub and start collaborating with your colleagues.

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