The Gig Economy

The gig economy sounds very rock and roll. Rock bands do one night shows referred to as gigs. Strolling minstrels, turn up, play , get paid , move on. Free to come and go as they please, work or not work as they feel like it. Not tied down to a 9 to 5 office jobs instead doing what they want when they want, a combination of liberating freedom and fuck the system rebelliousness . Of course being in a rock band was never so romantic, being on the road means endless long uncomfortable journeys not sleeping well not eating well and for the most part not making any money. It’s the very definition of uncertainty, will you get a booking and if you do no matter where it is you will have to take it even if it barely covers the cost of getting there. You do it because one day you hope to make it big. The new gig economy is like this , no holiday pay, no sick pay, no guaranteed work, low pay, long hours and no hope of making it big. 


Blair Mcpherson 


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Former Member 1 Year Ago

except there is no hope of making it big.





Blair McPherson 1 Year ago in reply to Former Member .

Thanks James please note the clarification.