The Trouble with Retired Spooks 

World Alzheimer’s Day 2019 September 21st


The trouble with retired old spooks is they don’t forget the right things. When dementia overtakes them they forget their not on the job anymore. They confuse their  cover story with what they really did and start telling their secrets to the postman or woman in the corner shop. They remember the craft but don’t recognise their own son. This makes them dangerous and vulnerable. Is their paranoia a product of their dementia or of their trade? Are their fears and suspicions a response to real threats from those who wish to take advantage of their vulnerability or the attempts of a disorientate mind and a  memory full of gaps to make sense of the world around them? Will their former employer seek to protect them or  see them as an awkward security risk? 

There is a specialist retirement/ nursing home for these civil servants in a quiet corner of the south east but they are unable to cater for those with dementia. Hence the need for the “ enhanced retirement package”. 

Jackson Lamb

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