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Social Web, Social Value - by Jason Fahy


Funnily enough, the change started from within. I can’t say for sure whether it was the result of employees insisting on more fulfilling working lives or organisations tapping into workforce potential because they needed increased productivity. Perhaps it was both.

When I started out computers were like sheds, phones like bricks, we all worked in silos, even though the services were being delivered by different public and private providers. The technology quickly reinvented itself, but no-one built knowledge. It was hard to access reliable information, to find the people with the answers. I think we probably practised evidence-based policy-making without the evidence.

I began using a collaboration platform. It was designed for the public sector, but there were only small cells there at first. They were the advance guard, the evangelists. I was initially unsure of myself, but then I realised I could open a window and they could hear me and what’s more they wanted to listen. I was a convert, committed to the cause.

The actual revolution came when organisations exhausted internal resource and started knocking on the doors of others. That really demolished the silos – first regionally, then nationally and ultimately globally. Data and information, expertise and knowledge, original and authentic, traded openly and securely.

The results were incredible. I suddenly leapt from my small pod to being part of a global movement. Not only was I empowered, but I also realised that no one person holds all the truth.

We called it a social intranet. To me it just built bridges between people and conversations. Working together was a given and everyone could draw on these connections, wherever, however and whenever they wanted. Not only could I trust what I found, I now had a voice and finally it had impact.



Jason Fahy is Executive Director of Knowledge Hub (, a free-to use-digital collaboration platform dedicated to creating social value.

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