LGiU Tech and Transformation March update

It's another Technology and Transformation  update!  This one is chock full of ways you can get involved in LGiU projects and events. 

Out for the Count: Opening up local elections

Did you know that there's no comprehensive source of local election candidates or the results? We've highlighted how difficult it can be to find clear results on council websites.  And we're working on a solution but we urgently need your help. 

We've partnered with Democracy Club to build an election tracker, but we need an army of count correspondents to help us crowdsource the election results for every ward in the country alongside our usual fast-and-first local elections coverage. These results will be shared as open data to be used and re-used by citizens. 

If you're already going to be out for the count, great - you can help us with photos and results from the count. If not, you can still help us by following the count and helping us to crowdsource the data through the night or in the morning. Either way, join the list - more details and a count correspondents pack will be sent your way soon. 

We also have some very exciting news about this project which will probably be announced next week - I so wish I could tell you now, but sign up to be a count correspondent and you'll be the first to hear. 

What we've been up to lately: 
  • Continuing to work on CoCare an app to support outcomes based commissioning. 
  • Presented to Norfolk County Council on assistive technologies in social care. 
  • Joined National Action Plan group on opening up elections data. 
From elsewhere:
From the Knowledge Hub: 

Requires a free KHub registration. Also, join our Tech and Transformation community on Knowledge Hub. 
Events:  Briefings: Available to LGiU Members only
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Ingrid Koehler
Tech and Transformation Theme Lead

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