Health matters: midlife approaches to reduce dementia risk

Public Health England (PHE) has published a new report which shows dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing but is, instead, linked to cardiovascular risk factors, such as smoking and physical inactivity.

The report, entitled Health matters: midlife approaches to reduce dementia risk, is designed to help local authorities and health professionals identify the various factors that contribute to dementia. Health matters brings together local and national level data - as well as infographics, slide sets, case studies (see below) and blogs – that will help make the case for investing in dementia risk reduction.

This resource for health professionals and local authorities makes the case for action in midlife to promote healthy lifestyles that can reduce the risk of dementia. This includes promoting healthy lifestyle advice to those in midlife to help them:

  • stop smoking
  • become more active
  • reduce excessive alcohol consumption
  • improve their diet
  • lose weight

To assist with this, PHE have created a new suite of Health Matters infographics to help you make the case in your area for dementia risk reduction.

Use PHE’s dementia profile tool to see the prevalence of dementia in your local area.


reduce risk

The number of people with dementia and predicted figures for the future.


Case studies and blogs

Case study: dementia walks and the importance of physical activity

Hertfordshire Health Walks are helping people reduce their risk of developing dementia, as well as boosting emotional wellbeing and offering companionship for people with dementia.

Case study: raising awareness of dementia risk in Dorset

Read more about how Public Health Dorset developed a series of posters to raise awareness of the modifiable lifestyle factors that can increase the risk of dementia.

Case study: how Peterborough City Council is integrating dementia services with the NHS Health Check

Find out how Peterborough City Council are using the NHS Health Check as an opportunity to raise awareness of dementia and address stigma.

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