LGiU Tech and Transformation February update

It's time for another LGiU  Technology and Transformation policy update. 

Out for the count! 

You may have heard about the forthcoming trip to the polls. No, not the should I stay or should I go ones - the local elections in May!  We are working with Democracy Club  and others to help make elections data more open.

We've already published some top tips for communicating results on social media and the web based on what we've learned from being the first and the fastest in covering local elections.

As ever, we're looking for count correspondents to help cover the elections - and this year there will be an opportunity to help make them more open, too.  Sign up here to join our mailing list if you have an election in your council or if you're simply interested in helping us crowdsource data on who's running and who's winning. 

Community: We're now on the Knowledge Hub! 
We've created a new space to discuss and share Technology and Transformation ideas and issues on the Knowledge Hub. This is a place where members and local government professionals can share ideas, documents, questions and discussions.  We think this is an exciting opportunity to combine our collective thinking-power and experiences. 

Please join our new exclusive LGiU network herehttps://khub.net/lgiu and then join the Technology and Transformation community and say hello! 

What we've been up to lately: 
  • We participated in a roundtable at dotEveryone - Martha Lane Fox's new organisation. 
  • In mid-January we delivered a digital round table in Leeds with Vodafone. 
  • We met with Arup to discuss all things smart cities and user experience. 
  • We are continuing to work on CoCare an app to support outcomes based commissioning. 
  • We are developing a further round table on tech and data for health and social care integration in Manchester with HP. 
Briefings: available to LGiU Members only

Trends in Public Sector Communications - round up January 2016

From elsewhere: 

Policy Exchange says new devolved areas need teams of geeks to run right. 

The UK's Chief Scientific Adviser has published a report on the potential development and use cases of blockchain in the public sector.  Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond blockchain.  (link to a pdf)


Using Social Media for community engagement and community leadership Seminar: 12 April 2016

The LGiU is working to five policy themes in 2016. This is the February roundup for Technology and Transformation.  You can also sign up for updates from our other themes.


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