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Councils getting to grips with the challenges of achieving citizen engagement targets are turning to digital advertising to improve voter registration.

The Electoral Commission reports that an individual is more likely to take action if they can do it straight away and that the likelihood of them responding decreases over time. Digital advertising is powerful – it is highly targeted, can be optimised on an ongoing basis and enables immediate action.

The Council Advertising Network (CAN) is a network of 50+ local authorities that use digital advertising to improve services and generate income. CAN Citizen Reach is a new service that enables councils to deliver communication campaigns on the websites residents are using - youtube,, timeout,, to name a few.

Nottingham, Birmingham and Hackney Councils used the service last year as part of their voter registration communications activity and achieved the following:

  • 5 x industry average click through rates

  • Excellent targeting of hard to reach groups – students, renters, ethnic minorities

  • 100% transparency on reach, interaction and return on investment

  • Reduction in cost of up to 90% vs traditional channels

With the recent change of system and the local elections in May, we are opening up the service to non-Council Advertising Network Partners. 

You can find out more here and contact us at

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