BigData and local government finance free event

Meeting invite - There’s gold in that there data!

The government’s premise is that data is a mineable commodity that we need to extract in order to enhance the impact of the services, reduce demand and costs. Our contention is that it’s your data, my data, the public’s data – so it should be our gold.

Read the article ( and join us to explore:

  • How we find and develop potentially rich new seams of resource - particularly when it’s risky and creating public benefit throws up challenges.
  • And if there is gold in our data, what might it be worth to us and the public? Where might we find it and is it worth the hassle?

It’s an opportunity to think big. It’s about prospecting, opening up new territories and finding a few nuggets. We’re confident we can share ideas, generate insights and weigh up next steps.  

It’s not a detailed debate about I.T/apps but we’ll chew over the infrastructure that’s in place and if we were to go down this route, what we might need and who might we start digging with.  

The format will be creative. Sticking with the Wild West imagery, the session will map the territory, break open some rocks and sift through the muddy waters. Make of that what you will. It’s a deliberately speculative session.

So… a couple of hours of protected thinking space, peer to peer and off the record. Email any of us if you’re

Andy Burns – Host/Prospector Director of Resources Staffordshire CC

Martin Sadler – Provocateur WM SOCITM Regional President / Programme Director LB Islington and Camden Shared IT services.

Dawn Reeves - Facilitator, creative change consultant and CIPFA Writer in residence (!)


23rd February 2016 – At Staffs CC (map link 2-4pm


Security level: Public

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Jason Fahy 4 Years Ago
Hi Dawn, you can add the event to the Events section on Knowledge Hub too and then people looking through the calendar will pick it up. You might want to reach out to the LG Inform Group too.
Dawn Reeves 4 Years ago in reply to Jason Fahy .
HI Jason Hope all's well with you? Thanks for the tip. Writing going well this end. Be good to get a catch up soon Cheers Dawn