Property Flood Roundtable

Business led initiative following on from the 2016 Bonfield Report

The PFR roundtable has been in operation for about 2 years and has membership which includes leading insurance companies (Graham Brogden the Chair is from Aviva) and leading industry actors. 2017 report here


Its aim is to improve the delivery of PFR services: members are developing; a Code of Practice to improve service delivery and customer experience; and the PAS1188 standard for flood resistance products is being upgraded to BS851188. Both are due to complete this summer. They have also set up a website with impartial advice. There was also an innovative project the Cumbria resilience showcase​​​​​​​ where two properties were made resistant and recoverable (should water enter)


In the next few weeks, EA will be seeking EOI for 3 pathfinder projects to set up PFR delivery hubs in RFCC areas. The Idea is that these will retain skills and support local delivery and act as a bridge to the private sector (Josie Bateman leads on delivery). Funding will be for 2 years with the aim they become self supporting.


Background information


Storm Desmond and Eva

  • In the wake of the December 2015 floods, the Government ran a scheme to give flooded households up to £5,000 to make their homes flood resilient. The scheme was pitched to support the additional cost of the installation of resilient materials as insurance repair took place.

  • The scheme closed in April 2018. As a result of Storm Desmond and Eva, 17,628 properties were eligible to receive the flood resilience grant in the local authority areas impacted by the storms. 66% (11,756) of those eligible for the grant in the impacted local authority areas submitted applications and 95% (11,193) were approved


   Property Flood Resilience

  • The members of a business led PFR roundtable have funded the development of a Code-of-Practice for the industry to improve service delivery and customer experience. This is in the final stages of its development and is expected to be published later this year.

  • The Environment Agency has developed a suppliers framework for flood resistance products and services. This should make it easier in the future for local authorities to source competent suppliers and advisers.


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